Day 2 – Sod all gets done

Well not quite, but didn’t get started on the treatment, which was the plan for today. Some of the counts from a blood test on Monday were too low to start the treatment, and also the Docs were unsure why they were so low and did not want to start the treatment without knowing why. In order to find this out they had to do a bone marrow biopsy.

There is nothing much fancy about a bone marrow biopsy. You lie on your side and after getting some anesthetic a large needle is pushed into the  bone in your lower back so a sample can be pulled out.  This is actually a bit of hard manual labour for the doctor. In order to insert the needle into the bone the doctor takes a firm stable stance and by way of much pushing and twisting forces the needle in (a bit like putting a cork screw into some hard wood I suppose). I apparently have strong bones and it took much huffing and puffing to get the sample they needed. A very delicate procedure it isn’t. So I’m now awaiting the results for that test. The doctor assured me she would have the results with a couple of hours. I hear these assurances quite often and nine times out of ten the end of the day comes and no bloody results. Hopefully will get them tomorrow.

There wasn’t much else happening of interest on the ward today. However there was actually a repeat to yesterdays miracle.  To my amazement lunch (mince, tatties, peas and a bit of puff pastry) actually tasted reasonable, so I’m still waiting for my opportunity to slate the food. I can’t believe the grub in that place has actually improved and two half decent meals in a row must be some kind of fluke.
But I can have a bit of a go at the soup. Today it was green pea soup, which tasted the same as broth which in turn tastes the same as vegetable soup. And all of these taste like lentil soup. The different flavors is a load of bollocks, it’s all just lentil soup with a few peas added, or some carrots or a bit of barley or whatever they claim the soup to be. Total con, but to be fair it tastes OK.

Finally, why is it always so damn hot in hospitals. It wasn’t just warm, but hot enough to make you a bit sweaty. So pleasant…


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