Day 3 – Home again

And you might think being home again and not having to go back for a week would be a good thing. But it isn’t really, it’s a complete pain in the tits.  First it has meant daily visits to hospital achieving little, and you get all psyched up to start chemo only to sit around all day until they come and tell you to bog off home again. Obviously it also means starting my next round of chemotherapy is being delayed again, which is frustrating. Sooner I get started, sooner it ends and sooner we find out if it has worked. Receiving the treatment also feels like you are doing something positive. Despite the doctors telling me that waiting a few days won’t make a difference you can’t help feeling that every day without treatment it’s a getting a lot worse and there is nothing you can do about it. While the chemo will make me feel like crap physically (especially as the chemo I will be getting this time is particularly aggressive) and leave me wide open to getting serious infections, mentally you feel a bit better about having the disease as you are doing something to try and get rid of it.

So, why has my chemo been delayed for a week?  Well as usual with me it’s a little complicated*. But to cut a long story short my white blood cell count is lower than it ideally should be when administrating the chemo. To improve my white cell count I have to take a daily injection to boost the growth of white cells. Between the two needles needed for that, and the two needles needed to flush my Hickman line I’m home with so many needles I could probably make a small fortune selling them on a street corner.  After a week of this my counts should be at a suitable level to begin chemo. If it isn’t, well back the drawing board…

Everything about the diagnosis and treatment for the lymphoma has been anything but straight forward. I’m a pretty unique case and neither my liver consultants nor cancer consultants have seen lymphoma as I have developed it before. It took them over 2 years to discover and diagnose it for a start, and it sometimes feels like they are making it up as they go along. In fact I’m pretty sure they are to a certain extent. Now I come to think of it, I could have sworn I heard one of the doctors saying “Eeny meeny miny mo” today. Perhaps he was trying to decide how best to treat me…

Anyway I spent a second day sitting on a hospital bed doing bugger all and there wasn’t much of interest going on. Although I did find out that one of the older guys in the room likes to remove his false teeth and leave them in random places. He seems to have a lot of vivid dreams, and wakes up convinced they were real and might go off and do something related to what he dreamed about. Apparently his upper set of choppers was found down the back of another patients wheel chair, but the bottom set have yet to be found. I should probably be checking my jugs of water before drinking from them! So the poor guy only has half his teeth. Well he has none of his own teeth does he, but you know what I mean. I also had a lunch of stovies that looked like something you might expect to see on the ground in a field full of cows, but it actually tasted ok. Another edible lunch, strange times indeed.

Oh, nearly forgot. The wife only went and won tickets to the F1 Grand Prix at Silverstone! Typical that the race couldn’t be at a worse time after my first treatment (assuming it goes ahead next week) so unlikely will be able to go, but we’ll see.

 *As I won’t be back in hospital for a week, I’ll need something to write about so may go into this in more detail later


4 responses to “Day 3 – Home again

  • Big Mac.

    Well…at least at home chef Suz will be in charge of your food….so no complaining as unlike the nurses she can give you a clout!!!!
    I have to say your blog makes interesting reading and certainly makes our lives seem very easy in comparison…..less moaning from me I think !
    Hope your treatment gets started soon……as for Silverstone,never say never.x
    ps. Hope the old geezer doesn’t stash his falsers in your boxers…….especially if he’s got them in!!!!!!!!!

    • Al (FooAtari)

      Never complain about Suz’s cooking. It’s always of the highest standard. That’s what I tell her anyway.

      And no, finding his falsers is my boxers in any way would not be cool.

  • MetalDog

    When I was a cab dispatcher, we used to have a couple of old ladies who would regularly try to pay the cab fare with their false teeth. The sloshed a cabbie around the head with a set once =D
    He probably deserved it.

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