Added some links

I have added some links to the sidebar on the right that are relevant to me and this blog to try and help raise awareness for them.

In particular I’d like to mention the National and Scottish blood transfusion services.

I needed blood transfusions after both my liver transplant and splenectomy due to post operative complications and many cancer patients also require blood transfusions. And of course it is used in many other areas of medical care.  If it wasn’t for the awesome people who take the time to donate blood I wouldn’t be here now.

Unfortunately I am not eligible to donate blood for obvious reasons however my wife donates blood every three months (you are required to leave a minimum of three months between each donation) religiously.  It only takes an hour or so of your time, yet only 4% of the UK population give blood. Which for something that is so easy to do and takes so little time is pretty shameful in my opinion. I’m sure the vast majority of us would have no problems accepting blood from others if they needed it…



2 responses to “Added some links

  • Big Mac

    The last few times I went to donate blood I couldn’t as I was low in iron…do you think more red wine would help? Hope it’s not too long before you start treatment!!

    • Al (Foo)

      Maybe, get some down you and try donate tomorrow, soon find out.

      Mum can’t give either, doesn’t weigh enough I think. Or could below iron to, can’t remember.

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