The daily regime

Thought I would show what my daily medication regime is at the moment while I’m home.

Here is my what feels like my own personal pharmacy;

Tablets, syringes, needles and a sin bin mostly.

And here is what I have to do every morning. I don’t have to do quite so much at night, just take some of the same tablets again;

Tablets. Some of them I take for the rest of my days, some only while I am receiving chemo

Syringe and bottle with drug to be mixed with solution in syringe. One needle to create mixture and withdraw into syringe and another to administer it.

Then two syringes, each with two needles and solution to flush each head on the hickman line. Again one needle to withdraw solution into syringe and another to squirt it into the Hickman line.

And in addition to that I have weekly(ish) appointments with a psychologist who I was referred to after a problem was found before my first round of chemo which has a pretty significant impact on my life.

Gives me something to do while I am sitting around the flat all day I suppose.


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