TV vs Reality

After yesterdays somewhat emo post I thought I would lighten the mood a little.

I’m sure most people realise that medical dramas are not 100% accurate, particularly when it comes to the relationships between Doctors, Nurses and cleaners/porters. Here are few examples I have seen recently.

Doctor is trying to save patients life and is on the verge of giving up as her various attempts are not successful.  Nurse then pipes up, asking why she is not trying such and such a procedure. Doctor thinks about this for a moment, decides it very risky (what does that matter, at this point the patient is a goner anyway!), and rather than do it herself tells the nurse to perform the procedure.
Now I haven’t been in every department a hospital has. It’s not for lack of trying mind you, but so far I am falling a little short. However I have been in numerous wards and watched many a doctor make a decision at the bed side on how best to treat the patient. I am not dismissing the knowledge nurses have, and I know some have a lot more medical knowledge than many give them credit for, but I have never seen a nurse questions a doctor’s decision, or come up with one of their own. Similarly I never seen doctors so much as ask for their opinion.
I think that if a nurse did question a doctor, the doctor would more than likely say something like this, perhaps behind closed doors;
listen you little scrot, I suggest you wind your neck in and not question my authority in the future

Another example is doctors having general conversations and banter with cleaners and porters. Just to make it clear I have no problem with cleaners and porters, they are actually some of the happiest people in the hospital for the most part and have a good laugh with the patients. I think they’re great.
On TV you often see the doctors having meaningful conversations, a laugh and going to the boozer with cleaners/porters. To be fair I don’t see what goes on outside of work with these people, but I have never seen a doctor converse with them, at best there maybe a brief exchange of words if a Doc needed their services or something.
They seem to have a better relationship with Nurses for obvious reasons and in turn Nurses have quite a good relationship with cleaners and porters. But I get the impression that for the most part, especially when socializing they all stick with their own

Finally, going the extra mile. They always go the extra mile on TV. Weather it be a doctors/nurses concern for a patient at home who doesn’t want to be treated, so frequent visits are made to the patients house to talk sense into them. Or the receptionist getting involved when a doctor doesn’t seem to realise a patient needs help.
To be fair this does happen very occasionally where Doctors are concerned. In my 14 years of being a very regular visitor to GP Surgeries I have once had a doctor spontaneously turn up on the door step, and I was so shocked by the freak occurrence that I nearly wet myself. But that’s it, once in fourteen years, very rare then, but, it happens all the time if you believe what you see on TV, and lets face it a lot of people do.
As for receptionists, well, there are some good ones out there who genuinely show some concern and do their best to help you (and no, I’m not just saying that because my wife used to be one, and my mother-in-law is an assistant practice manager), however too many receptionists act as some kind of gate keeper who must have thought their job description stated ‘stop the patient seeing the doctor at all costs’. Although judging from some of the GP’s I have met I’m sure they would love to stick that in there.  As for getting a house call at the patients request, well that’s almost as difficult as winning the lottery. And, probably rightly so, I’ve never seen them get personally involved with a patients well being.

Yep, TV doesn’t half wind me up sometimes, but then I suppose if it was completely realistic it wouldn’t make for very good TV would it.


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