Day 4 – Live from an NHS Hospital

Well it only took them four hours to actually admit me, and despite being here at 10am things finally started moving around 4pm.

But first things fist, lunch. Today from the awesome choice on the menu I opted for mince, tatties and dough balls. I knew the run of half decent food couldn’t last forever, and today things seem to be returning to normal. Lunch today did not look very appealing (and where are my bloody dough balls!). I don’t know about you but the mince below looks more like it might have come from somethings rear-end than a pan:

Now to be fair, again it didn’t taste to bad and I ate it. But trust me, when you are feeling unwell and are not very hungry getting food that looks like that doesn’t help the situation at all.

However things were to improve in the afternoon when not long after lunch the doctor appeared. She told me that my blood counts were much improved and it would appear my bone marrow as recovered from whatever issue it was suffering from before, so my treatment can finally go ahead. Result!

As promised, at around 4pm the Nurses came round and hooked me up:

Line connected:

Drugs being pumped into me (bright light from window screws the picture up:

So that’s me on the way. I have finished getting the Retuximab now, which is the first part of the chemo, and the second part will continue tomorrow.

Next it was time for tea and I picked what seemed to be the best option from a bad bunch. Fish in a parsley sauce and some boiled tatties. This looked even tastier than lunch (sorry photo isn’t great):


This did not go down well. I ate the tatties and some of the sauce but the fish was pretty rank. The NHS must get the dregs left over from the sea bed nice and cheap… So a swift text was sent to the wife requesting something more edible. Tuna and sweetcorn pasta never tasted so good.


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