Day 7 – A Jailbreak

Last night I got what was actually the main chemotherapy drug of the R-DHAP treatment, Cytarabine, the main drug is not Cisplatin I received yesterday. Although I’m not sure what difference that makes to be honest, all drugs that make up the R-DHAP treatment are equally important at the end of the day.  However it does mean that I only have the two steroid infusions  to receive now and the first cycle of treatment is complete. So with that mind I was given the the second last dose of steroids today and as there is nothing to do for the following 24 hours until I am given the last dose at 1.15pm tomorrow, and as my blood count wont start to drop off for a couple of days (at which point I am at serious risk of infection) they have let me home for the night. I will perhaps get home again tomorrow afternoon as well. YES! Even though it’s for less than twenty-four hours, any time out of the ward is a good way to spend time. Although I will probably be back in on Monday, or kept in tomorrow, to monitor my condition as my blood count drops.

I’m sure you will all also be glad to know that the frequency of my peeing is getting less and less often and somewhere back to normal. Well you probably don’t really care that much, but it’s a lot more comfortable for me so that I’d give you the chance to bask in my glory.

As I was leaving at 2.oopm I skipped lunch today so didn’t have to suffer any hospital meals apart from breakfast. Breakfast is always the best grub of the day anyway.  I love my breakfast for a start, and there isn’t much the Nurses can do wrong when pouring some cereal and milk into a bowl, giving you a couple of bits of toast and some pre-packed orange juice. Of course it also helps that they are all probably better cooks than the ones in the kitchen getting paid to do it.

However other than never being overly keen on eating what ever is being dished up for lunch and supper, I was not hungry at all today, I  had to force my breakfast down and couldn’t stomach lunch at all. Unfortunately it would appear some side effects are starting kick in then, which is happening much quicker that it did with the R-CHOP regime.  Generally feeling groggy, pretty nauseous most of the time and very tired. Oh, and don’t forget the hiccuping, the damn hiccuping! Can’t remember the exact cause of that but man it gets rather irksome really quickly and not just for me, seems to get on my wife’s nerves as well. You know, because I am obviously doing this on purpose. Hopefully the side effects don’t last too long or get to bad. But being stronger chemo I think that’s a bit of wishful thinking.

Still, just being at home with my most awesome wife (I really need to big her up more, she has been totally amazing through the last two or so years) makes you feel a little better and spicy meatballs and noodles tasted a whole lot better than what I have been eating for the past few days so managed to get some supper down me at least.


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