Day 8 – Kind of…

I was only in hospital for around an hour today but technically I am still an inpatient, I just get to go home on ‘pass’ because I live so close. So it still counts as being in hospital in my opinion and the post get’s titled and categorized as such.

Anyway, got the last part of my treatment today so by staying in hospital I would just be lying around for the sake of a two minute blood test each morning waiting for my blood count to start dropping. Rather than doing that I just need to go up for a daily blood tests, and when my white blood cell count gets low enough to worry them I will be kept in (of course this on the condition I get my backside straight up there if I start to feel ill in-between times). I guess this will probably happen in the next couple of days or so.
Finishing the first cycle of treatment is a good thing of course, but I don’t consider it over until the side effects have passed, so will save that small win for another time when I am over the worst part of chemo.

Unfortunately folks that’s about all I have to say today, bit of a short one I’m afraid.  I am feeling pretty rotten right now, very nauseous and tired and can barely muster the energy to hit a few keys on they keyboard. Oh, and not forgetting those damn hiccups. Hiccup, hiccup, bloody sodding hiccup…


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