Day 10 – Mushy Heed

My heads a bit of a mess today for some reason, and it’s late by my current standards so due to tiredness I’m not sure how coherent this will be. For some reason my vision is also a little blurred as well, so hitting the right keys is proving problematic at times. This is possibly down to high blood sugars, although tonights tests were lower than earlier in the evening, so I dunno. While walking down to the shop my wife also noted I was walking with a bit a swagger. So I’ve let the wardens know about all this and I suppose we’ll see how things go through the night.

So without further ado, what can I recall from today. Not that much it seems. My blood sugar seems to be fluctuating between between 13 and 18. They seem happy enough with 13 – 16 at the moment, but above 17 means a hit of insulin, which I have had twice today. It looks like this is going to be a problem for the duration of the chemo at the very least, so along with seeing the diabetes registrar tomorrow it seems I will be issued with a blood tester kit. That”ll be another one for the daily regime then.

My Neutrophils are fairly steady at the moment, although that probably means it’s just a lull in the storm before they fall of the cliff face. What this also means is that they cannot start to use G-CSF injections as the Neutrophils are not low enough to make any difference. Essentially this means that the time it will take for the counts to drop low enough to allow them to use the G-CSF injection, and then the time it will take for the counts to increase to a safe level may not be not be in time to leave for the race. Bastard!
Bilirubin is also fluctuating a little, but no real change which crucially means it’s not dropping. Reason number two then that going to Silverstone is looking a further possibility. But we can still hope for some miraculous turnaround, so fingers and toes crossed.

And with that, It’s taken me way to long to wrote out these three short paragraphs, which are probably still full of spelling and grammar mistakes (more so than normal anyway) despite me having to fix every second word and sentence as I’ve gone along.

But I’ll leave you with this. Tomorrow morning I am off to play guinea-pig for some students to poke around at, which will hopefully give me some good material to write about. So let’s hope they are as useless as I hope they will be!


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