Anthony Nolan – Get Signed Up

Read on the BBC News today that Anthony Nolan  are urging men between 18 and 30 to donate stem cells to save the lifes of people with blood cancers.

More than half of adults surveyed said they would consider donating, but many are confused about what it entails, said the charity Anthony Nolan.
Most donations are now made through a process similar to giving blood.

Well, the process of giving blood is a non-event really, so what’s your excuse?

The charity is attempting to have 10,000 young men  join its donor register.

This register is used to match individuals willing to dontate stem cells to those patients that need them.

Joining the register is very easy.  Potential donors need only complete a medical questionnaire and give a saliva sample.

So less talking, more action folks (of the 18-30 male persausion). To get a bit corny here, it really is a doddle for most people to save someones life.  I’m sure you would all be only too glad someone took the time to dontate blood, or register as a stem cell or organ donar if it ended up saving your backside from serious injury or illness.


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