Day 11 – Extracurricular activities

Not entirely sure what the score is with my health today. One of the negatives of gallivanting around the hospital all morning doing my good deeds for the day means I missed the morning doctor round. And while I did briefly see one in the afternoon, I wasn’t much wiser after that either.

I established the following however. The most annoying news was that travelling down to Silverstone tomorrow is a no go, so I can kiss those Friday pit-passes goodbye. My only reaction to this news contains a lot of expletives, so best left unsaid I think.

My Nuetrophils have remained steady as I understand it, and they have given me a dose of the G-CSF medication. The doctor didn’t say if this was to aid in getting me out of the hospital for the weekend, but did say the whole weekend was not yet a right off which is a welcome ray of light.

My Bilirubin is up slightly and I’m still jaundiced so the Gastrointestinal Unit (where the local Liver specialists are in regards to me) want a scan done to see if anything of concern is going on. There may have been another test or two in there as well… I will definitely be getting a more detailed run down of what the score is tomorrow when the Doctor sticks her neck around the door. Do not like being in the dark on these matters!

Moving along from that shambles and back to the gallivanting. Yesterday I was asked if they may use me, well my body really, for the purposes of examining young doctors. This makes a change from staring at these four walls, so I took one for the country and signed up for duty.

The assignment was tough as my task for the day was to lie on a bed, be myself, and be examined (no shortage of material there then) by young doctors who describe symptoms, diagnosis and treatments to a couple of examiners.

It all focused around the liver transplant and my jaundice mainly, which is just as well because other than describing what a Hickman line is used for none of them were able to come up with any link to the liver. Remember though these are young docs just starting on the route of specialising. If they had been able to decipher it all I would want to be asking serious questions of the senior and consultant doctors in several hospitals as to why it took them over a bloody year to diagnose me.

I actually felt sorry for them, watching as they squirmed under the examiners questions. Most of them had me down as having had a liver transplant, guess the scar gives that away, and now suffering from Cirrhosis of the liver  or failure! But none of that is going on of course, they don’t know anything about me, I was just there to be toyed with and for them to come up with some conclusions. Made for a lightly entertaining morning anyway. You could also easily spot those that had done it all before and were all to keen to fully bask in not being in that position again. Even one of the examining doctors made a comment;
“What, I almost feel sorry for the poor sods” said in your best pompous English (might be slight exaggeration for comedy effect)

Other than a change of scenery I also got a half decent lunch of luxury sandwiches that consisted of more than one filling and were made with a little care and attention (why aren’t these purveyors of fine sandwiching making being employed in the kichens??). Also on the menu was a selection of fresh fruit to top it off. I can’t remember what was on the menu for lunch today on the ward, but can guarantee it didn’t taste as good as that. Finally, as the icing on the cake I got twenty quid of M&S vouchers which I gave to the wife


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