Day 12 – A little good news

Our plans of hitting Silverstone are not completely up in smoke yet! Sure, we lost the chance to get in the pits tomorrow, but there is still a chance I’ll get down for Saturday and Sunday.

What day are we at today? It’s Thursday isn’t it, all the days roll into one in this place, or even when your simply off work ill with nothing much else to do than doss about. Currently fasting at the moment waiting to go for an abdomen scan to see what my liver is playing it. The scan is apparently at 2pm, which usually means between 2 and 5pm, and that in turn normally means I’m towards the end of the list. No doubt my significant other will come up for visiting just in time for me to go down for it, I’ll spend most of visiting sitting down in X-Ray and because it’s the middle of the afternoon, the hospital cafe we plan on going to for a slap up romantic lunch will be between meals with only dry scraps from lunch left, leaving me with an empty stomach. I love this place!

Where was I, oh yeah, my bloods and specifically liver function were apparently better yesterday, so must have been causing the doctors concern on Tuesday, and after discussing with Gastrointestinal Unit (probably talked specifically to my liver consultant) they wanted to do a scan to check things out. Apparently I can expect a visit from the GI guys later this afternoon. Again, probably my liver consultant (let’s call him Dr. F). I’ve been under Dr. F’s care for a long time, and due to my ongoing problems see him way more frequently than I’d like too. I often joke that in some ways he knows me better than anyone else! And well, a stint in hospital simply doesn’t count without him having to come see me at some point. I’m not joking here either, without fail some junior doc panics about my liver function tests (it’s never worked properly since transplant really) or something else goes wrong, and the big guns get called in.

So, despite what my doctors believed a few days ago, my fortunes appear to be turning just a little. My body is at least fighting the good fight to go to the racing. If my blood counts remain steady, or indeed improve, my liver keeps playing ball and everyone is relatively happy with my condition I might, just might be let out on pass tomorrow to head for the noise and speed of the British Grand Prix! They have even gone so far as to prepare me a pass, medication and some emergency contacts for a bloke in a Northampton hospital, today, so that if I can go I’ll be away ASAP tomorrow.

Get crossing all those fingers and toes folks!!


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