Day 13 – Start your engines

Yes, that’s right I’m in the car right now heading for the sights and sounds of Silverstone. Fan-bloody-tastic.

My blood counts are mostly stable, although white counts will probably start to drop which is normal and liver function had again improved. So the doc gave me a full once over, and arrangements were made for a doctor in Northampton to be aware of me in case of emergency. A couple of letters with relevant information was given to me and after a lecture to try and avoid sources of infection as far as possible considering where we are going, I was given the go ahead to be released from hospital on a weekend pass. I’ve not actually been discharged, still got my hospital band attached to me (getting a few funny looks for that) and need to go straight back in on Monday morning. However that’s good enough for me.

My wife arrived at around 10.30ish to pick me up, just in time for the doctor to decide to give me another dose of glucose. They were going to make me wait a bit longer then… One hour later the drip was done, and after sorting out all the medication and supplies I needed we were away.

Looking like weather is going to be pretty decent for the race, and we have even managed to get some parking in the circuit close to the grandstand we will be watching from. This is to avoid having to go ridiculously early then spending what would no doubt be an age at ‘park and ride’ and on a bus. This will also let us get back up the road a bit quicker on Sunday evening. All very welcome as very lethargic and tired with the illness and various medicines.

Should be a great weekend.


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