Surgeons carry out first synthetic transplant

I thought this was pretty awesome news.

Surgeons have carried out the first synthetic windpipe transplant

One of the things I find most interesting is it obviously means no donor is needed as the organ is created in a lab.  This would mean that in the future when techniques are more advanced, hopefully no one would  die waiting for a donor organ to become available.  Before receiving my transplant, by time I was transferred to Edinburgh my liver had all but completely failed and I needed a new organ within a matter of hours to live.  I still consider myself very lucky that one became available, many patients are not that lucky. Although the liver was not ideal for me, at least I’m still here to tell the tale, albeit by the skin of my teeth at the moment!

Due to the organ being coated in the patients own stem cells the body doesn’t see it as foreign, so won’t try and reject it, therefore no need for immunosupressive drugs, which, as I have learned over the last couple of years can do quite a lot of damage in addition to the more common side effects.

Not only is this progress good for organ transplantation, it saved a patient from dying of cancer. Double wins all round. Hopefully it doesn’t take too many years before they can create/grow most organs like this.

Got to love those stem cells and all the research going into using them.

Just to finish off, I have noticed that this blog has become more about the Lymphoma and my experience with the illness and less of me musing about what happens in a hospital. The ward has been pretty quiet over last week or so with little happening that I thought would be interesting to write about.  Hopefully this hasn’t annoyed anyone and it’s still worth reading.


2 responses to “Surgeons carry out first synthetic transplant

  • Ruth Watt

    That really is great news for people needing transplants! Keep on writing… we want to hear about you first and foremost and hopefully its doing you some good as well as keeping us all informed about your condition and progress. How you manage to keep so upbeat and light hearted is just beyond awesome!
    Still keeping my fingers crossed for you getting to Silverstone. x

    • Al (Foo)

      “How you manage to keep so upbeat and light hearted is just beyond awesome!”

      Nothing else for it really. It’s that, or wollow in my own self pitty and that’s not a good way to live for me or those around me. Things are hard enough without making it worse by being all depressed all the time. Personally I beleive a positive attitude can make a difference to getting better, but even if it doesnt your not going to help your cause or feel any better being down beat about things. Sure you have bad days when you do get pissed off and are scared as hell, but that doesn’t change the fact that I have lymphoma. It is what it is, nothing is going to change it so why moan about it 24/7.

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