British Grand Prix Qualifying

Today we took things pretty easy. Drove to the circuit and parked a thirty second walk from our grandstand, did a little wandering around what was a pretty minimal amount of merchandise stands and took our seats to watch the days action. It was a pretty relaxed day, and yet I am completely worn out. I have to admit I’m a little surprised at how much the illness and treatment is sapping my energy. Obviously I have been really feeling the strain over recent months, however you don’t realise how bad it is when you are sitting and lying around most of the time until you actually start doing stuff.

Despite this I had a really good day, although the short shower at the end of qualifying made it a bit of an anti-climax. I have been to the British Grand Prix once before in 1999 and it’s quite a different event these days. Access to the circuit is vastly improved, there is now loads of bogs which look like they are cleaned throughout the day, rather than once a year and the food is varied and plentiful. It appears that standing in massive queues to use crap facilities is a thing of the past. However as an event it’s really scaled back. I remember every team having huge branded stands with merchandise and things to see and do and there was racing from morning until night. Now, there are small merchandise stands for Red Bull, McLaren, Ferrari and the Lotus teams and a general stand selling mostly older merchandise on the cheap. There are the usual support races in the form of Porche Supercup, GP2 and GP3 but not much else going on to entertain the crowds other than an air display. There was more going on at the MotoGP race we were at last month, which doesnt draw the same amount of fans as F1 does.

I know everyone mainly goes for F1, and that was great to watch. It’s still awesome to be down here watching the race, but at the same time, compared to my previous experience it was a little underwhelming.

Another thing I particularly noticed today is people wearing ear plugs. At least half of the crowd around me must have had them. Why? The noise is half the reason to go see the race in person! After all you miss half the action when viewing from only one corner. Are these wimps motorsport fans or not? I thought all motorsport fans loved the noise of an engine being thrashed to within an inch of it’s life. Don’t get it.

Finally, awesome result for scotsman, Paul Di Resta. Qualifying 6th in the Force India is pretty impressive, really hoping for an great result tomorrow.


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