On the road again

Ferrari getting their first win of the year at a race I was at is not cool. Most of you probably know how much I can’t stand Ferrari, so wasn’t very impressed with that result. Apart from that however the races between Vettel and Webber for 2nd, and Hamilton and Massa for 4th in the closing laps was excellent stuff.

We were back in the car and leaving the circuit within five minutes of the race ending, which made a welcome change to sitting in queues to get to buses or in the car leaving the main car parks.

We’re stopping in past my brothers at Lochwinnoch for the night on the way home and heading back to the hospital in the morning. Somewhere near Stoke-on-trent just now, and should arrive around 9pm so another four hours or so of tedious motorway driving to go.

On the subject of motorway driving, bloody hell the standard is pretty bad. Amazing how some drivers ever managed to pass their test. People won’t move out of the way for anything, especially middle-lane hogs who don’t seem to understand the difference between the middle lane and left lane (hint, left lane isn’t just for lorries, bloody get in it if it’s clear). I also never realised how many car’s must come with mirrors and indicators that don’t work.


4 responses to “On the road again

  • Duncan Fraser

    Woohoo the prancing horse made it through the race and cantered to the line!!! Me old mate Schuie had an eventful day as well. Anyway hope you had a great few days and regards to Ben and Denise.

    • Al (Foo)

      Prancing Horse? More like Dancing Donkey’s. Ferrari winning is bad enough, but Alonso being behind the wheel makes it twice as bad.

      As for Schuie, descibing his driving as eventful these days is an understatement. He’s just looking stupid getting whipped by his team mate week in, week out and driving into everyone else on the track. Why he ever came back is beyond me.

  • Fiona

    God, you’re like your father!!
    Delighted to read you made the trip. Hope you met DC again?
    Rest up now & let your wife pander to your every need 🙂
    Love Auntie (!!) Fiona x

    • Al (Foo)

      I am not like Dad! All he does is rant and……. oh bloody hell

      No didn’t get to meet DC again I’m afraid.

      Was feeling OK until last night, now feeling pretty done in and groggy. Expecting to at least spend tonight back on the ward anyway.

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