Day 15 – Mingin’ towels

The other day I was walking down the corridor on my way to the hospital shop and came across something that made me raise my eyebrows a little. There were a couple of dudes walking in front me and a woman walking the other way. One of the guys had a pair of clogs in his hand, and he caught the woman on the hand who happened to be carrying a bottle of Pepsi (I approved of this, as anyone with even a small amount of intelligence knows that it’s superior to Coke). It would appear the woman was a bit of mentalist as when she was hit in the hand by the clogs she dropped her bottle of Pepsi and literally screamed the corridor down with an “OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW”. This seemed just a little OTT to me as it didn’t really look like it could have hurt that much, and even if it did, bloody hell just suck it up, no need for temper tantrums. So the guy then just stood there with a stupid smirk/grin on his face which wasn’t helping his cause and she shouted at him;
You could at least say sorry then” as she picked up her Pepsi and stormed off down the corridor. If I was the unfortunate guy who just felt her wrath, I would be looking over my shoulder wherever I went from now on as she didn’t really look like the kind of person you might want to meet down a dark street. If she is a doctor, man, I pity her patients. I wanted to let out a little chuckle at the whole performance, but thought better of it until she was behind me.

Apologies for the lack of posts yesterday, I was pretty worn out after the weekend and couldn’t really be bothered writing anything. Things do not appear to be going quite as well as they could be right now. All my counts are pretty low so I’m getting a blood transfusion as I type (two pints) for anaemia. Funilly enough, while  I’m lying here receiving blood, my wife is currently doing her good deed for the day and donating the stuff.  I’m also low on platelets and developed a nose bleed last night that wouldn’t stop so was given some platelets to help with that. I’m bruising really easily as well, which is also due to low platelets. Got a nice big purple and red bruise on my belly from a small injection, from which I normally don’t get any bruising. I’ve also developed a bit of a rash, got spots mostly on my lower leg and face. To top it all off my temperature is a little on the high side, and my blood pressure a little low. I’ve been feeling a bit off today, but nothing I was worried about and fortunately it’s not causing me to feel particularly ill so far. Docs don’t seem sure what’s causing the low blood pressure, temperature and rash but as they are not drastically different to normal are just monitoring me for the moment.

I’m not particularly amused that the towels I used this morning when getting washed are still on the bottom of my bed. Of course they could be gone by now if I remembered to ask the nurses to take them away when they come into the room, but I’m too forgetful for that. Anyway, that’s not the point, can they not see them when they are at my bed doing stuff?? Honestly, anyone would think they were to busy looking after patients or something.

To make up for yesterday I might have a rant or two I need to get out of my system, so you may have that to look forward to!


2 responses to “Day 15 – Mingin’ towels

  • Emma

    Joe gave a pint today too, feels like even more of a worthy cause since you need it just now! Hope you start feeling a bit better soon. And hope they pick those towels up! Little things like that can be annoying when all you’ve got to distract yourself with is crazy overreacting women in corridors! And rant away, we’re all ears 🙂 Lol, Emma X

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