Day 16 – The flu

Apparently I have picked up a flu virus, which is just bloody great. Fortunately I actually don’t feel that ill, which means it isn’t that bad and with a bit of luck it will clear up on it’s own rather than get worse and require treatment. But luck has never been on my side when it comes to my health has it… Of course I have also now exposed the other three guys in the room to it as well, really hope they don’t get it or despite not really being my fault, I’ll feel a little bad about it. The rash on my legs and face isn’t showing any signs of clearing up and if anything is a little worse and magnesium levels are low so need to get some fluids to sort that out. I found out this morning that my white blood cell count was zero yesterday! This has improved today to a massive 0.1. What amazes me is that with a white blood cell count that is practically non-existent, how am I not completely ill with the flu. In fact, I’ve been receiving chemotherapy for around eight months and I haven’t until now caught a single infection or virus. My immune system must be some kind of bad ass.

As far as I know my next cycle of chemo should start middle of next week. I was hoping I would get at least a week at home before it started, but things are not looking great at the moment. Just need to hope that my counts start to shoot up, this flu virus comes to nothing and I might get home at the weekend and not have to come back until ready for next chemo.

That’s all your getting today as I am off to watch The Apprentice


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