Day 17 – Butterfingers

Tonight’s tea was steak casserole. It must have been the cheapest cuts of meat available, perhaps even the scraps from the floor of the slaughterhouse, as it was chewy as hell, even the veg which is usually edible was pretty poor. I didn’t bother to eat much of it as I had asked my wife to bring in pasta with bacon and leek, which she kindly did. It was basically just a microwave job so it could be heated up on the ward, and it probably has the same nutritional value as the food that gets served up here anyway, but it tastes a little better.

I gave it to the nurse who kindly went to ‘cook’ it and I waited patiently for my tea. Around ten minutes later she came back in with her head in her hands and told me that she had dropped it on the floor! And I was so looking forward to that Sainsbury’s delicacy, even worse it cost me £2.10, £2.bloody10!! Butterfingers was very apologetic and I told her it was no big deal. She then offered me some cereal instead. This was pretty decent compensation as I love me bowl of cereal. But she still owes me £2.10.

Anyone who has been in hospital might have noticed that whenever the doctors come to talk to you they always pull the curtains around the bed as if they magically stop the rest of the ward hearing your discussion with them. For example, one of the doctors came to talk to me yesterday evening, and of course pulled the curtains around the bed. He then proceeded to tell me that I had the flu virus, and that the rest of the room would need to be made aware of this and also be tested for the virus. He then asked if I was OK with him doing this? I thought to myself, are you being serious? If I was not OK with that, it’s a bit late now, the horse has already bolted. Despite what you might think, these curtains are not covered in some kind of fairy dust that transforms the space around the bed into a little secluded room. Everyone was just privy to that conversation and damn well knows whether I wanted them to or not.
Of course, I didn’t actually have a problem with it (not sure what he would have done if I did), so off he went talk to the guy across the room from me. He started by saying;
I need to let you know that Mr Al has a flu virus, and because… actually you probably heard the conversation didn’t you?
Yes genius, yes he did. Sometimes you have to wonder how these people became doctors in the first place…

Not much has changed with me. Counts are still very low, fortunately I still feel OK. I was hoping I might get away over the weekend, but it appears not. Best they can do over the next few days is let me away for the afternoon, if my counts and obs are good enough. Better than nothing I suppose. Guess one of the advantages of living five minutes from the hospital means it’s worthwhile letting me away for an afternoon, whereas if I lived further away I would be stuck here until I was well enough to be away for at least a few days.


6 responses to “Day 17 – Butterfingers

  • Fiona

    The nurse was only fibbing, she ate your dinner! 🙂 Remember they’re eating the same hospital food as you, so she probably didn’t fancy the steak casserole either!
    Enjoy your afternoon pass.

    • Al (Foo)

      Thats what Suz said, better bloody not have, they get to go home and get decent grub!

      Haven’t actually been allowed away yet. Docs will just let me know each morning if I can go or not.

  • George

    Been away for a little while, so I’ve just caught up on your posts. Glad you got to go to Silverstone 🙂

    Keep positive!!

    • Al (Foo)

      Yeah it was great to get down to it, although very tiring!

      Doing my best to stay positive, well it’s not very hard at the moment really. Not sure why, but feeling pretty good about things. Nothing to base that on though, it could so easily all go wrong…

  • Claire

    I’m glad you got to go to Silverstone. Must have been awesome! I saw Vettel on TopGear other night. He is a class act. I watched some awesome sport last weekend myself. Andy and Jamie Murray playing as a pair in the Davies Cup in Glasgow. It was really special. First time they’d played together as teenagers in Scotland as a pair. I’m a mad tennis fan. I’d love to go to one of the big Grand Prix’s or Wimbledon. We managed to get their autographs aswell.

    Bummer the nurse dropped your dinner. Hopefully your lovely wife will bring you another one! Hope your flu virus clears up aswell. Stay positive.

    Claire x

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