Google+ page for blog

Some of you may have noticed that that there is a Google+ link on the right for the page I set up for the blog, along with Facebook and Twitter. You early adopters can add it to your Cicrcles if you want to be notified through Google+ when the blog is updated.

Even though in it’s early stages I’m finding Google+ to be far better than Facebook. Much more streamlined and easier to use than the bloated mess Facebook has turned into. Just one example,you can edit your comments! Why Facebook doesn’t have something to damn simple is beyond me. Instead you have to delete your comment and write it again, or add another comment correcting yourself. Stupid, just stupid.

Despite being very new (only a few weeks old) and invitation only, at the moment there are already 10 million users so seems likes it’s well on it’s way to becoming a popular social network site and already a few of my friends who are on Facebook have Google+ accounts. Good choice!

Talking of invitations, if anyone I actually know is curious and wants to setup a Google+ account, drop me an email to my personal email address or ask on my own Facebook page and I’ll send you one. This is just in case this might show on any searches for ‘Google+ invatations’, anyone I don’t know personally needn’t bother spamming my hospitalmusings email address for one I’m afraid. Don’t really want to get flagged by Google for sending hundreds of invites! Although, would they care?


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