Between ending my first regime of chemo (the R-CHOP) a couple of months ago and starting the second one, some of my hair began to grow back. Unfortunately, this morning I saw a few hairs in my hands when I was washing, so it seems it might be starting to fall out again. I decided to grab a photo of myself with hair to compare to ones I have with no hair. The results are I look like a different person! It’s losing the eye brows and lashes that really makes the difference to how you look.  When I have absolutely no hair on my face and head I actually look quite a bit older than with it.

To give you an idea of the difference, here are a couple of images of my head.

Me today with the hair that has grown back so far. It’s a little thin on top still, but looks pretty normal

Me a few months ago with no hair. I had finished the R-CHOP chemo by a few weeks at this point so can see a few hairs starting to appear

If my hair is starting to fall out again, I’ll be looking like the second picture soon enough, as once it starts to fall out it all goes pretty quickly. Bit depressing as it really isn’t a good look when you have no eyebrows or eyelashes. And of course if it’s falling out there, it’s falling out everywhere else. It takes a lot of getting used to looking down below and being totally bald…



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