Do I have to go back?

Sigh, It’s my last night at home before going back into hospital, although it might only be for a few days initially. Once the chemo is complete they sometimes let you go home for a couple of days as it takes that long for the side effects to start appearing and my blood counts, liver function and things go all to hell. On the other hand there should be more happening this time. I think I’ll be getting a scan to check progress of treatment and asses my ability to undergo the fourth treatment and also ‘donating’ stem cells to then be given back to me as part of the fourth treatment.

Had a fairly busy day by my current standards. My work laptop, which I use still occasionally while off, is screwed so I took that in to work to be fixed and saw the guys in the office. Next I had an appointment with the Nurse to have some blood taken in preparation for tomorrow. It was the same nurse I saw yesterday, however this time she actually knew what she was doing. Maybe she should consider the slightly easier job of a Phlebotomist… I then went home and took my cocktail of medication and flushed out my Hickman line.  We decided to go out for lunch before I go back on a diet of hospital gruel. We then went back home again, and not long after getting back I passed out the couch for a couple of hours.

Unfortunately my hair has really started to fall out now. While it isn’t looking too thin yet there was a lot of it in the bathroom this morning when I was washing. Looks like it’s time to take the clippers and razor to it again.

With going back into hospital, I will start posting daily again as I will have more to write about. Was struggling to think of things to write about this week and I also wanted to think about the illness and stuff as little possible while I had a week off from hospital and treatment.


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