Day 19 – The Ritz

Well, I’m back in hospital and had the first of the various IV medications I will receive over the next few days. My neutrophils were 4.0 today, so looks like yesterdays tests were dodgy as it generally wouldn’t increase by that much over night.

I’ve been put in a single room this time, and by NHS standards this place is the bloody Ritz. Got my own bathroom and TWO televisions. There is a Hospedia bed side one that most wards have these days which has to be paid for,  and a regular TV with Freeview which has been donated to the ward by the Friends of Anchor charity. All the rooms have flat screen TV’s on the wall as far as I know, but I had to share it with the other three guys in the room when I was last in. This meant I had to endure some amount of crap programmes. No more! I can decide what’s on at all times.

And lastly I have a fridge, a damn fridge! That’s a new one for me, never seen a fridge anywhere on a ward before, other than in the ward utility room or whatever you want to call it. This means I can get cans and bottles of juice without them going lukewarm within five minutes, and chocolate that will actually be relativly solid instead of a melted mess that you need to squeeze out of the wrapper.

However this does have a downside. Obviously with being the only patient in the room there is less happening. No other patients to mock and less opportunity to pick on the nurses and doctors. This is going to have a negative effect on the blog, and I hope I will still have things to write about every day other than how I’m getting on…


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