Where will I be sleeping tonight?


Went up to the hospital this morning and when I got up to the ward was told to wait in the day room. Looks like they didn’t have a bed for me. A doctor eventually came to take some blood, as apparently my neutrophils were a little low yesterday at 0.8, and as I have said before they want it to be at least 1.0 before starting chemo. Annoyingly the labs have been very busy due to some problem with their systems so it’s taking longer than normal to get results. Because of this I came back home rather than sit around the ward for four hours twiddling my thumbs. We are now waiting for a phone call with results of the blood tests and whether chemo will be starting today or not.

This is seriously frustrating. I just want to get on with the next treatment as soon as possible, so that the regime of treatment ends as quickly as possible and can find out how well it’s worked. I’m also due to get a scan after this treatment to get an idea of well it’s working so far which I want to get out of the way and get the results for as soon as possible. So obviously any delay to treatment will delay the scan.

Finally, despite how irrational this sounds I can’t helping thinking that any delay to treatment allows the lymphoma to develop and therefore become harder to treat. I know a few days doesn’t make any difference, but sometimes it’s hard to stay rational when dealing with cancer.


One response to “Where will I be sleeping tonight?

  • Emma

    Damn NHS! Can’t imagine how frustrating it is for you. I hope they don’t keep you waiting too much longer. Thinking of you xx

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