Day 20 – The outlook gets a little worse

As usual, things have gone from bad to a little worse. Initially I was led to believe by one of the doctors that I would definitely get the first three treatments of the R-DHAP chemo. However there was a question mark over whether I would get the stronger fourth treatment due to the damage it may do to my liver. If they thought my liver would cope I would definitely get all four treatments and would then find out after the four treatments weather it had been in any way successful. If it wasn’t, there weren’t really any other options as far as curing the Lymphoma goes.

However, this isn’t entirely correct. Today I saw my consultant who is overseeing my treatment and he explained what the plan was. He told me that he didn’t see any reason why the fourth treatment wouldn’t go ahead as far as concerns for my liver goes, so that’s not a determining factor. I cope well with the chemotherapy and am healthy enough to undergo it without to many forseen problems. But, this does not mean I will get all four treatments. As I explained previously I will get a scan after the second treatment to see what progress has been made so far, and if it’s going well they will take some stem cells in preparation for the fourth treatment. What I didn’t realise was that if the lymph nodes have not reduced in size, meaning the Lymphoma is not responding to the treatment, they will basically stop it at that point, or at least don’t go ahead with the fourth treatment (not sure about the third one) as they know that if there is no response after two treatments, the R-DHAP chemo is not going to work.

What this means is that I’m going to find out a lot sooner than I thought whether they are going to be able to cure the Lymphoma or not. Reading the previous post above, things have not really changed all that much to be honest, just a few details that I misunderstood. I think it just feels the situation has become worse knowing that I will find out in only two weeks or so if they can cure this or not. I guess it’s a bit like having an exam, the closer it gets, the more nervous you get. Well, it just got a whole lot closer. Although in a way it is worse in that I did not realise if there was no progress after the second treatment, it would stop. I was led to believe, or at least my understanding was that if things were not looking good after the second treatment they would still go ahead with all four treatments if possible, they just wouldn’t do the stem cell transplant reducing the chances of the treatment being successful. Now knowing they will not even do all four treatments if there is no response, means the Lymphoma is even worse than what I thought.

I didn’t ask to many questions about what happens if they cannot cure the Lymphoma. The consultant said there are number of options they can try to keep the Lymphoma at bay and prevent it from becoming worse. How long that would work for, if it does work, I don’t really know. I also don’t know anything about how quickly the Lymphoma would progress if all options fail. I’m trying not to think about that to much at the moment, which is a lot easier said that done.

What I do know is, I will be s*!ting massive bricks when it comes to getting the results for the scan in a few weeks time.


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