Day 21 – Not enough sleep

Not really got a whole lot to say today to be honest.

I only got about two hours sleep last night, well more like an hour and half I think. I eventually fell asleep around 4.30am and was woken again when they were taking bloods at 6 am. As the nurse was in changing my fluids every two hours they knew I was awake and they kept offering me drinks and stuff throughout the night which was nice of them. They also left me to sleep in the morning as well for a couple of hours rather than coming and changing bed and cleaning and things which was good of them too. And when I say sleep I really mean dozing. Despite the lack of sleep however I haven’t been feeling too bad today.

I think I had trouble sleping for a number of reasons. I had received a dose of intravenous steroids yesterday morning, which always keep me up the night of the day I took them, and the following night too. And that’s without receiving a second dose as I did today.

I am also very, erm, bloated, for a lack of a better word, light headed and nauseous due to the amount of fluids being hammered into me. For around 26 hours when I’m getting, flushes, Cisplatin (part of the chemo) and a 500ml of fluids every two hours I must be getting something like 8 litres of fluid over that time. And also got to keep drinking at the same time. That does make you feel pretty uncomfortable and I’m having to go to the toilet every hour or so.

So having the nurses change IV bags at least once every two hours, feeling pretty crap and bloated due to all the fluids and going to the toilet about six times a night it’s pretty hard to sleep. And when I couldn’t sleep I kept on thinking about what the doctor told me yesterday which gets you worrying, which then makes it even harder to sleep! I spent about half an hour at one point starting at the bag of Cisplatin willing it to work. Stupid eh?

Anyway by now (Sunday evening) I have almost finished the chemo. I completed the Cisplatin at around 3.30pm and just now finished my first dose of Cytarabine, I get the second and last one at around 5.30am, which is just bloody great. I think I’m on my last bag of fluids as well, less than an hour left!!

I’m hoping I might get home for a night or two tomorrow, but no one has said anything yet, so not really expecting that to happen at the moment, but they might tell me tomorrow morning. I get an IV drug to prevent fungal infections but thats only once every two days for a week or so. As my counts take a few days to fall they might let me go home for a couple of days and just come in for the anti-fungal drug (only takes an hour or so) if I don’t get the first one tomorrow and need to have it on Tuesday. That probably doesn’t make too much sense does it? I’ll let you know as it happens which should make it all clear.

Finally, it looks like the clippers and razor will be coming out pretty soon…

This isn’t a very clear picture unfortunately, it’s worse than it looks here

There is hair all over my pillows day and night, and it’s all over the shower and sink when I get washed. It’s starting to look a little patchy in spots, so if I get home soon, it’s coming off.


2 responses to “Day 21 – Not enough sleep

  • Emma

    Lack of sleep always makes thing seem worse, which makes you worry more, which makes you sleep less… vicious cycle! I really hope you manage to get home for a few days and get some sleep. Thinking of you always x

    • Al (Foo)

      The main problem was nurses being in and out and all night rather than me worrying. I would have slept OK last night if it wasn’t for them having to wake me up at 3.45 to give me anti sickness then at 4.15 to check all the details before giving me the drug and then at 4.45 to start it. So just kind of dozed after that.

      But nothing to get overnight tonight so I should sleep OK as pretty shattered!

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