Day 22 – Just the usual

Not much happening today. Didn’t get to go home, hopefully tomorrow. I had to have another dose of steroids today and a final one tomorrow completing the five day run of treatment.

The only slightly annoying thing is that they are happy with all the important bodily functions at the moment, and they should be OK for two or three days, at which time I’ll be back in. I had finished today’s steroids just after 5pm. It only takes half an hour, and I now have to wait 24 hours from when today’s one started to have the next one. Which means other than having blood taken in the morning I’m lying here twiddling my thumbs until 3.45ish tomorrow afternoon when they start to prepare for it. Don’t see why they couldn’t have let me home for the night and come back at some point in the morning when I need to see the diabetes nurse. A night in my own bed is better than a night in this place. I’m getting a visit from the diabetes nurse as I need to take insulin home with me due to the steroids sending my sugar levels through the roof. OK so I wont be twiddling my thumbs ALL day, but I’ve taken insulin before in the past and pretty sure I can do it again without being shown, it’s pretty straight forward.

I didn’t get enough sleep last night either. As I mentioned yesterday they started the process of giving me the steroids at 3.45am (didn’t get to sleep until around midnight) and nurses were in and out every half hour until 5.15 after which I really just dozed. I’ve also been feeling pretty nauseous today, and being totally shattered hasn’t helped make me feel any better. But had the same problem last time and should feel OK in a day or two. Because of this I have not had much of an appetite so haven’t really eaten much. This is when the hospital food becomes a problem. If you are feeling well a lot of it is passable, but when you feel crap, getting that served in front of you just puts you off your food more. To be honest I shouldn’t complain. Compared to a lot of people I seem to tolerate chemo therapy extremely well.

Anyway, hopefully I’ll be writing my next update from home tomorrow. Fingers crossed!


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