Day 24 – A day earlier than expected

Going back into a hospital a day early was not how I intended to spend today. I woke up during the night and didn’t feel particularly well. I was pretty nauseous and sore with the added bonus of a headache, but waking up in the middle of the night and feeling terrible is nothing new and figured I would be OK in the morning.

Well I figured wrong. Felt even worse when I woke, so got the thermometer out and temperature was 38.5 degrees or so which is a little on the warm side. Got on to the ward and they told me to come straight in. Bollocks.

I was pretty surprised when I got out of bed to find out I was now a cripple! Was experiencing quite a bit of muscle pain and could hardly move. So I slowly dragged my arse to the car and my wife put the pedal to the metal (not because there was a particular rush, this is just how she drives normally). When we arrived I collapsed onto the bed and waited for the docs to do their stuff. In their usual haste, one eventually turned up about an hour after I arrived and had a look over me. She thought I had picked up a viral infection so got me on some IV antibiotics and I proceeded to sleep until the middle of afternoon.

Fortunately I’m feeling a bit better now, although staring at the laptop screen and writing this has been quite an effort! Looks like it was indeed a virus, will probably find out more tomorrow morning when see docs again.


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