Day 25 – I hate school holidays

I have been feeling a bit better today, temperature is down a bit too so antibiotics seem to be doing the trick. I will keep getting these injections over the weekend, but by beginning of week my blood counts should have started to drop so looks like I’m going to be here until later next week at the earliest.

I’m also getting moved out of my room tomorrow back into the four bed room. Apparently someone needs it more than me. Well if you ask me, screw ’em! I got here first and intend of barricading myself in. Pile all the furniture in front of the door, chain myself to something immovable, the works. OK perhaps that’s taking things a little to far…

The most annoying thing about it is losing the fridge. Anything that can go lukewarm or melt will do just that within about an hour of exposure to a hospital ward. Seems most rooms have one apart from the large one and I was thinking the other day about what I could possibly donate to the ward, and well maybe I have the answer. A fridge for that room.

As I was nowhere near as ill as yesterday they let me escape for lunch. Which while good, was also a bit of waste of time because of the bloody school holidays. Honestly, they need to be banned!

Of course I would have wanted to slap anyone that said that when I was in school. But when your feeling a little rough and looking for a place to eat the last thing you want to find is queues outside damn near every restaurant and kids charging around the place. It’s not that I don’t like kids or anything (and I don’t really think school holidays should be banned), the whole situation was just really testing the limited amount of patience I have at the moment. Anyway we got some food at Homemade Burger Co. which was infinitely better than whatever the hospital was serving up so no complaints there.

I will hopefully get away tomorrow and Sunday afternoon as well so can slouch at home, fill my face, watch F1 and maybe Superbikes too if they will let me away long enough.


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