Day 28 – Poo

There are two guys in this room that need to use a commode. Neither are very mobile for different reasons so can understand the need for it.

Nevertheless it’s starting to get on my nerves a little. It seems one of them only needs to use the commode once a day, the other is my main source of my annoyance as he needs to go several times a day. I feel really bad getting annoyed at them for using it, as obviously it can’t be helped, I’m sure they would much rather have the privacy of a toilet. However, what annoys me is the regular smell of crap around the room. Three or four times a day I have the pleasure of a fresh release of ‘Eau de Sh*t’ (apologies for the language). Making matters worse, one of the guys must have some problems as his smell seriously bad.

What I don’t get is why don’t the nurses spray a bit of air freshener around the room (there is even two cans of the stuff in the bloody toilet), because, as the windows don’t open the stench lingers in the air for ages. Sometimes it feels like your in a badly kept public lavy rather than a hospital.

Sorry about the lack of updates over the weekend, but I haven’t really had to much to say to be honest. I got home in the afternoon on Saturday and Sunday, so that was six or so hours out of the place each day, and when I have been here there hasn’t been much going on.

Whatever virus I had seems to be clearing up so they now have me on antibiotic tablets rather than IV. Apparently my blood counts have started to drop so I may well end up getting magnesium and blood transfusions this week depending on how bad it gets. I started to feel a little off yesterday evening with what feels like the early stages of a cold so hopefully that won’t come to much.

The doctors should be round sometime in the next hour, so I will find out what the state of play is then. I think it’s my consultant doing the rounds which is good as I usually get the most complete and accurate state of play from him. Some of the doctors I see don’t seem to have much of a clue with what’s going on and I wonder if they actually work here at all or are just pretending.


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