Day 31 – New faces

OK, I’m a bit more alert and feeling better than I was last night. Although still pretty tired as I’m anaemic at the moment and I will probably be getting a blood transfusion at some point over the next couple of days. Platelets are a little low as well, but not low enough to need an infusion. Other than that things are not too bad really.

Fortunately, I have been moved out of the room of foul smells and into a two bed room. Luckily the other guy in the room is pretty decent so happy enough here.

I have been getting home for the afternoon (I usually get away around 3.30pm and don’t need to be back until around 9.00pm) for the past few days which is great, helps break up the day, I can get decent food at home and it’s a lot easier on my wife who doesn’t have to rush around to get to hospital for visiting. It’s good living so close to the hospital in that regard, if I lived out of town I would be in hospital for the full duration of each chemo and recovery, which in total is three to four weeks per chemo, with perhaps the odd weekend home. So things could be worse right now.

Being out of hospital for half the day, I’m missing half of what’s going on so more difficult to spot interesting or funny things to write about. I’ve also been being paying less attention to what’s been going on as I have been so tired past few days. But the junior doctors and registrars all changed this week so there has been a bunch of new faces in the ward, some of them not fully clued up on what’s going on with each patient.

As I understand it, the junior docs move off to different wards to work in other areas. They change every four to six months for two or three years before choosing what they want to specialise in.
Registrars have chosen their speciality so move around different areas of that. Such as working on this ward, the related outpatient clinic, and doing some research stuff.
But take all of that with a pinch salt, it could all be total rubbish! I’m just basing that on the bits of info I have picked up from the docs and nurses.
Because of this they are taking forever to do their rounds and such like. I didn’t see a doctor until 3pm today, and they previously came around at about 11am. However I’m sure things will be more organised tomorrow as the big guns (consultants) are doing the rounds.

I got a date for the all important coming scan today to see how much, if any response there has been. No response or it getting worse is really bad news, so just hoping for the best. Hopefully it wont be to long a wait for the results.

Here something interesting though. At the moment I feel a lot better mentally than I probably have since I got the diagnosis. Despite the situation getting worse with every type of treatment and every set of results I feel, um, happier I suppose, than I have done in ages. I know why this is and will let you in on it another time, probably when I go on a rant about why people should stop worrying and waiting and just do stuff.


One response to “Day 31 – New faces

  • Big Mac.

    Sounds like a lot has been going on….glad to see you’re still managing to blog and getting home most evenings must be a boost….Take

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