Day 32 – Blood!

After writing yesterday about how my general mood had improved recently, and that I would explain why another time, some apparently thought something specific had happened. Not the case I’m afraid, there is nothing exciting to tell anyone. It’s just some things I have done that makes living with the now serious nature of the illness easier. I just didn’t want to get into it as I might end up writing a lot about it, so thought I would leave it for another day, perhaps when I’m home from hospital for my week off.

I found out today that I will get the results of my scan next week, within one or two days of the scan being done. I thought it would be around a week after, but apparently not. The amount of time until I find out if this treatment is working has been rapidly getting closer and closer. It’s a good thing I suppose, sooner I know what’s happening next the better.

This morning I was nearly given the wrong tablets. The nurse was sorting out my morning dose, but couldn’t find the ones in my notes, in my cabinet. After reading the notes a bit more and realising half the tablets I take were not noted in them, she suddenly realised she had the wrong patients notes! This was after she tried to tell me my blood counts were looking quite good, which confused me as the docs had been telling me everyday that they were dropping and I would need a transfusion. Of course, this was also because she had the wrong notes out. Got my hopes a little for a few minutes, only to bring them crashing back down again. Evil. Anyway, I ended up telling her myself what tablets I needed. Perhaps it should be me going round the ward dishing out everyone’s tablets. It would give me something to do I suppose.

This afternoon I finally started to receive the blood transfusion. The first bag has just finished and waiting for them to attach the second bag. Because of this I didn’t get home today, and there wasn’t much mention of me getting away for a night over the weekend either. But, if I’m lucky this blood could give my counts a good boost and they might let me go home for a night or two tomorrow.


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