Day 35 – Escaped again

I’m back home for a while. My blood counts are not bad at the moment, neutrophils are OK and I’m not anaemic as far as I know, however my platelets are still on the low side. I have to go back in on Wednesday morning to check bloods as the doc thinks I might need some platelets at that point.

I’ve just been let out on pass at the moment as it’s only for a couple of nights, but better than nothing and at least I wont be awaken at 6am to takes bloods for the next couple of days. I didn’t leave the hospital until about 2.30pm or something , so it only amounts to a day and half at home, but I’ll gladly take that. Not sure if I will be kept in on Wednesday night or not. I suppose that will depend on what the blood tests show. I’m due to start my next chemo on Friday, but that might be delayed until early next week if scan results are slow to come back or they want to give me a break from the hospital. Although to be honest, if we are able to go ahead on Friday and I get the choice, bollocks to being out of hospital, I’ll be getting stuck back into the chemo straight away.

Other than that, not much else going on. I got a visit from my auntie and uncle yesterday. Was great to see them, and glad my auntie was looking so well. Thanks to them for stopping by.

Racking my brains for an anecdote from hospital, but I really can’t think of anything. So I’ll leave it at that.


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