Day 37 – Clueless doctors

Well, home again. I didn’t think I would be kept in overnight and this morning the registrar told me even if I needed platelets I would be able to go home after receiving them. But all was good and I didn’t need them, so that’s me home until Friday morning when I need to go back in.

I had quite an experience with one of the junior doctors this morning. I told the nurse that I had not yet taken my tablets in case they wanted to do some blood tests. The main issue is that if I take the immunosuppressant before they take blood, it screws those results up. Off she goes away to tell the doctor and a little while later in he comes. He asks me why I didn’t take my tablets, so I explained it to him. I can’t really fault him for not knowing this as it’s specific to the liver. Then he asks who said I would need my platelets levels checked. So I told him the consultant did on Monday morning. He was there when he told me that! Does he wander about with his head in the clouds or something. Well as a matter of fact this is quite probable.

A little while later he comes in and asks why I am in hospital. A little surprised by this question I tell him I have Lymphoma. “What kind” he asks, I tell him PTLD. I then go on to explain what I had transplanted and why. He then asks if I am being treated for that. I’m not entirely sure what he meant as I told him the transplant was 14 years ago. The transplant was the treatment… I told him that the liver itself is OK and doesn’t give me much trouble. So he asks again what the purpose of me being in hospital is. What the hell?? Do I need to spell this out to him? I tell him I am receiving chemotherapy. I mean bloody hell, he has been on every ward round for the last week and half, so he has been there when I have talked with a registrar or consultant on six occasions. What exactly was he doing during them? Apparently not listening anyway. And how about this for an idea genius, READ MY BLOODY NOTES before coming to talk to me. Seriously, most doctors must be allergic to patient notes or something.

Just as a little side note to support this. After my splenectomy, I was having a bone marrow sample taken to see if it the Lymphoma had spread. My wife asked the doctor how they would determine the successfulness of the chemo once I started. To which he answered, we will do tests on the spleen… Yeah, good luck with that, it had probably been cut up into tiny bits and disposed of by then. He was clearly well prepared for me coming in. At that point the splenectomy must have been slapped all over the first few pages of my notes. Although my notes are massive, maybe that intimidates them or something.

But wait, there’s more. Going back to the doctor I saw today, he leaves the room and asks the nurse where the records of fluid input and output are. The nurse tells him they are on the patients clip boards along with the rest of the observation charts on the end of bed. Has this guy actually been on a hospital ward before!? That’s where they have been kept on every ward I have ever been in. I could have told him that. And there is the small point that it’s the last thing the doctors on the ward round look at before coming to see you! Idiot. From now on I’m going to call him Dr. Nick (check out this page on Wikipedia if you have no idea what I’m talking about)

It all sounds quite amusing. But if he is ever actually treating me I’ll be off the bed and running for the hills like s**t off a shovel.


5 responses to “Day 37 – Clueless doctors

  • James

    Mind blowing. I’d be raging! Does not inspire confidence. You should have a calm but serious word with him explaining exactly where he’s going wrong. Use small words.

  • Ruth

    Unbelievable!! (And quite worrying) but I know exactly what you mean about not reading your notes – there’s really no excuse.

  • George

    Terrible that in a hospital (of all places!!) you have to keep your wits about you in order to keep the staff on the right path.

    Don’t worry about having to find anecdotes. I’m sure 90% people reading this would be interested anyway, anecdote or no anecdote 🙂

    Best of luck for the tests, too 🙂

  • Stu

    “Hi everybody!”
    “Hi Dr. Nick!”

  • Claire

    That’s unbelieveable!! Has he actually been through training? It is so bad it is amusing. Yeah I don’t blame you for wanting to run for the hills. His head is in the clouds…….

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