Day 38 – Annoyed

I was at the hospital for 10am this morning. Saw the doctors and they said chemo would start today.

Ten hours later at 8pm and nothing has been done except having some blood taken. I had asked the nurses several times during the day when the chemo would be starting and was told each time they were ordering it from the pharmacy. So I asked again at 8pm, and was told the chemo had not arrived because the blood results had not back in time to order the chemo for today.  Argh, what the hell. This actually made sense as no one came to take blood until 3.30pm (five and half hours after I got there!). I’ll give you one guess who came to take the blood, that’s right it was Dr “Am i really a doctor” Nick.  Considering they had decided at 10am that they would go ahead with the chemo today you would think bloods would have been taken in the morning, however based on past form I’m going to go out on a limb and say he forgot about it. Useless.

So here I am home for the night. It hardly seemed worth it, but a night in my own bed is better than a night on the ward. I’m pretty damn annoyed that I spent 10 hours on the ward twiddling my thumbs and enduring hospital grub for no reason. And I also can’t help wondering how long they knew the chemo wasn’t coming up before I decided to ask what was going on.

More than a little frustrated.


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