Day 39 – Dr Nick strikes again

After yesterdays false start, the chemo is now underway. Other than that there is nothing exciting going on with me.

However, Dr Nick striked again today. One of the patients was going home, and being from Shetland he had to leave in time to catch a flight.  Yesterday it was agreed with the registrar Doc (Dr Nick was there) that he would be leaving around 1.30pm

This morning the same doctor told him that the hospital transport had been booked for 1.20pm. Again, Dr Nick was present. I wasn’t particularly paying attention but I heard it and knew what time the guy was leaving.

So sometime between 1.3o and 2pm Dr Nick walks in with something to give the patient, who of course left at around 1.15 to be taken down for the patient transport.  Dr Nick looks at myself and the guy in the bed next to me and asks where he has gone. In my head I was screaming at him “HE HAS GONE HOME YOU COMPLETE WASTE OF SPACE”. What I really said was, “he’s gone home”.

I am now convinced Dr Nick has his head permanently rammed up his backside. And I genuinely have no idea how he has it made it this far in the medical profession.


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