Day 40 – The return of Dr Nick

So I have spent 40 days in hospital since starting the R-DHAP chemo. Doesn’t feel that long to be honest. Anyway, on with the post…

I Found out his morning that I have another flu virus. I got one last time I had my ‘week off’ from hospital. Maybe I should stay in the damn place instead. As a result I have a big yellow sign above my bed saying ‘ISOLATION’. But to be honest this doesn’t really mean much. I am in the room with two other guys who could easily contract it from commonly used stuff like taps etc. I can leave the room when I want, can have visitors and they do not need to wear any protective stuff like apron or gloves. Seems that the only reason the sign in there to remind the nurses to put on protective garments so they don’t spread the virus to other patients. Considering I am not restricted in what I can do, seems like a stupid name for it. Hopefully it wont turn out to be much and it will just go away like last time.

Today I have been experiencing some pretty brutal abdominal pain, although it has eased a little bit this evening it’s still rather sore. When I saw Dr Nick was doing the rounds on his own I was already a little apprehensive. It went a little like this…

I told him (at around 10am) I had pain, and the intensity of pain changes every so often. So he said, “but it’s better now?”. No, listen to me you pillock, it’s just less painful at the moment. So he pokes and prods and says “I think it’s better now”. And how the bloody hell do you know? Just because you can’t feel anything, it doesn’t mean there isn’t a problem and I’m telling you right now it’s sore. But I gave up there and then, the registrar was kicking about so I decided I would tell nurses if it got worse and hopefully she would come. I pity any patient who is seriously ill and under his care if he gets to next level of doctoring and beyond. They could be on the fast track to being six feet under, as he seems to think he knows how you feel better than you do.

Next he says the chemo will continue, and then asks if any doctors have been to see me? What the hell kind of question is that? I see them every day! I asked him if he meant urology (regarding nodule in kidney), yes he did (you really need to have your balls about you when dealing with this so called doctor). So I told him no. So then he says they will be down today, then he said sometime this week, then changes his mind and said next week. Then he thought a little and said no, maybe this week, before finally deciding it would be next week. What a joke. I’m starting to wonder if he has stolen another doctors identity as he wasn’t good enough to get into medical school or something

Back to the abdominal pain. It did get worse, a lot worse. It was really starting to hurt, so I saw the other junior doctor who seems to actually have a clue. She thought it might have been constipation, so they booked an x-ray for me to see what was going on. Turns out there is a blockage quite far up. I can’t remember where exactly, think it could be in the intestines as I have adhesion’s there, due to the number of operations in my abdominal area, and that can make constipation quite painful due to the adhesion’s pulling on the intestines and causing kinks. If Dr Nick had bothered his arse to do that this morning I might have spent less time suffering.

Now I am on laxatives and softeners to try and get things moving again. Also got steroids today and I’m receiving Cisplatin which is the one where I get pumped full of fluids and I’m never off the bog. The bag also needs changed every two hours so I’m probably not going to sleep much tonight all things considered, even without the other things the steroids tends to keep up most of the night.


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