Day 44 – Catch up

I was going to write about what has happened over the last four of five days that I missed due to not updating the blog much. But I just realised there actually isn’t that much to say. Just the usual post chemo stuff really.

Due to the infection I picked I was moved into a single room a couple of days after being in hospital. This was all well and good, but the benefit of having a free TV has worn off as between the Kindle and laptop I hardly watch or miss the TV. Still, the fridge is a big bonus. Especially because this room I’m in is a bit of a sauna. Now that I am supposedly in proper isolation (I assume this is because the infection I have is quite contagious, as I’m not suffering from any ill effects from that side of things), they want to keep the door closed all the time. But I had to talk them out of this as the heat was completely unbearable. Having the door open helps quite a lot as just getting some of the cooler air from the corridor and letting the air move around a little cools things down quite a bit.

Other than that, magnesium is low but rather than giving me it via IV, I get chewable magnesium tablets instead. Holy crap, these are things are pretty awful. The minute your stick them in your gob they suck up all the moisture and then just congeal around your teeth, and to top if off taste just lovely, yum. Not sure what’s wrong with some regular tablets or soluble ones.

Now it’s just the usual waiting game to see what my blood counts do. Things will be a little different this time I think as I will be getting injection throughout next week to increase my blood cells to a level that the bone marrow cannot hold them all, and they will overflow into my blood stream. This therefore allows the blood transfusion service to extract the stem cells from my blood.

I think that’s you up to date with what’s been happening then. Last week or so has kind of merged into one long day so might have missed some things, but that’s the gist of it I think.


2 responses to “Day 44 – Catch up

  • Shirley

    Hi, i’m not at work today so cant check the BNF,( drug dictionary for doc’s), but im almost positive you get soluble Magnesium, flutter your eyelashes at Dr Nick and you might get him to order them,as sometimes liguid and soluble are more expensive.

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