Day 48 – Super nurse

Three days without a post… Oops. Well there wasn’t a whole lot to say really.  I think everyone knows the drill by now, finish chemo, blood counts drop after a couple of days then it’s just a waiting game in hospital until they pick back up again. So that’s what I have spent the last few days doing, waiting.

I started the injections yesterday to send my body’s cell creation into over drive.  After five days of them I will hopefully have stem cells coming out my eye balls and they will be able extract them from my blood without too many problems. But well, this is me, and I apparently don’t like to do things the easy way, so we will see how well that plan plays out.

The other night I saw something that was quite worrying, and no it didn’t involve Dr Nick.  At around 9.30pm one of the nurses who I was fairly certain was working the day shift was still kicking about the ward. Day shift finishes at around 7.30pm, so to make sure I wasn’t starting to lose my marbles I ask her if she had been, and it wasn’t just a figment of my imagination. Fortunately I wasn’t going mad, she had been here all day, but there was no one to take over from her, leaving only one nurse on night shift.

So, she agreed to work the night shift as well. That’s right, she was going to work more than twenty four hours straight.  What.The. Hell. Surely this is not a good idea for both hers and the patients sake. If she made a mistake due to tiredness it could end tears for both herself and the person she was caring for.

She was a given a two hour break between shifts, but they are not supposed to go to sleep during this time in case of emergencies. What?? Surely her time would be better spent getting a decent break and being more alert and someone else can handle the emergencies. But she got some sleep anyway, which was a good thing in my opinion.

Anyway, she survived her shift and went home for a well deserved rest. Except she was back in to start her next shift less than 12 hours later.  Unbelievable.


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