Needles everywhere

I got home for the weekend last night and hopefully I’m half way to escaping until my next chemo.  I’ve got my stem collection starting on Monday so will be in and out of hospital possibly for several days until they have managed to collect enough stem cells.  However unless my blood counts take a nose dive or I pick up an infection or something, I don’t think I’ll need to spend any more nights in hospital until I go back in to prepare for, and have the next chemo. But I’m not banking on that, never know whats going to happen next in this game.

As I explained before, in order to boost my stem cells for collection I am being given high doses of G-CSF.

(taken from link above)
G-CSF may sometimes be used before high-dose chemotherapy to stimulate the bone marrow to make more stem cells. Stem cells are a special type of blood cell from which all other blood cells are made. The stem cells are collected from the blood and stored. They can then be given back to you after high-dose chemotherapy treatment and make new blood cells to replace those you have lost.

Obviously when I am at home I need to do this myself:

Three injections I prepared earlier.

There really is no need for that. In hospital they use bigger syringes so they can administer  it in two injections. I thought they were going to give me those larger syringes, but they didn’t, I just have to use what comes with the G-CSF ‘kit’, which means I need to jack up three times in a row. It’s a lot of fun, you should all try it.


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