Day 50 – 50 days

50 days. I have now spent 50 days in hospital.  I started this chemotherapy regime 63 days ago, which means I have spent around eighty percent of the last 9 weeks in hospital.  Although, not all of those days would have been overnight, the majority were.

And it turns out that my 50th day in hospital didn’t bring me any luck. I arrived this morning early doors at 6am to have blood tests done and later in the morning the doctors made an appearance. The amount of stem cells in the blood was not high enough to go ahead with collection, and hadn’t  actually improved much over the weekend.  So it was more injections tonight and try again tomorrow.

My haemoglobin levels were also low so I need to have a blood transfusion. I am receiving the first bag of blood at this very moment.  My magnesium levels are pretty low as well so I am getting a larger than normal bag of that which takes eight hours to administer rather than the usual four.  It looks like the nurses will be in at least a couple of times tonight to change bags, giving me a great nights sleep…

So much for my previous optimism of not having to spend another night in hospital until next chemo begins. Not sure how long I will be in for this time, could be one night, could be several nights. As usual never know from one day to the next what’s happening, which does get a little annoying at times, but well, it’s just the nature of the treatment.


2 responses to “Day 50 – 50 days

  • Big Mac.x

    Think about you all the time…..still enjoy reading your blog.Hope nasty Nick stays off the ward for a while!!!!

  • Claire

    That’s all no mean feat! Thinking about you. Your write ups about the doctors and nurses are hilarious. Make me laugh out loud. Maybe not always quite so funny if you’re being treated by them i’m sure!! x

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