Day 51 – Punched in the kidneys

You may remember that during my last scan a small lump in my kidney had become larger from a previous scan and was starting to cause a little concern, so it was referred to urology for further investigation.

Today, I saw one of the urology doctors and he did not tell me what I wanted to hear. The lump is a tumour and they believe it to be cancerous. Can’t say I was shocked or surprised by this, I didn’t feel any different after they told me than I had done when I woke up this morning. Of course, I am determined as always to beat it, but you can’t help but feel the odds are starting to stack up against you sometimes. And it’s bloody hard work staying positive and focused when you get yet another kick in the balls. But what else is there to do but grin and bear it and get on with things.

The unbelievable thing about this is, that it is not related to the Lymphoma (which is why current chemo will have no effect on it). One possible cause is that my immune system has been heavily suppressed for over a year now so my body was unable to fight it, which would mean yet again treatment I am getting for an existing illness has been a contributing factor in a new illness. Or, it’s just really, really, really, REALLY bad luck.

One good thing is they are pretty confident they can remove it and there are a number ways do so. However they can’t do anything until I have finished chemo as any wounds are going to leave me a sitting duck for some hardcore infections. I think that probably means around six to eight weeks or so before they can start dealing with it

As for the stem cell collection, it’s not going to well so far. They have not risen to a high enough level so I am getting G-CSF again tonight, tomorrow morning (not had it twice in 24 hours before) and then a different medication tomorrow night which I am guessing is stronger or works in a different way. Looks like it will be Thursday before they can try and collect them, unless it comes good tomorrow after the morning dose and they can try then.

Not a good day.


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