I might be home, but I’m still spending half my time in hospital…

I had to spend over four hours in the outpatients clinic yesterday to get yet more magnesium. Thankfully I had a magazine and my PSP with me which, along with some sleeping, helped pass the time.  On the subject of sleeping, over the last week or so I have been very tired.  I usually get a good nights sleep, but I still find myself falling asleep at least twice a day. Sometimes only an hour or two after I have gotten up. I mentioned this to a doctor yesterday and they took some blood to see if there was anything showing up that might reveal the cause.

Tomorrow I’m back in the hospital, again, to have another GFR (kidney function) test. The results from the test I had last week were not very good. Apparently my kidney function was similar to that of a frail old lady, which is a bit worrying. However sometimes these results can appear as a one off and things are more normal when the test is done again. So fingers crossed for that!

At the moment it feels like everything is conspiring against me having the final chemo of this regime. Extremely annoying and stressful.


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