A little good news, but treatment still delayed.

It’s been quite a long gap between this and my previous entry, sorry. I’m lacking motivation to do much at the moment, unfortunately this has also impacted the blog. I have been meaning to post on it for a few days now, but whenever I think about doing it, I simply can’t be arsed.

I was at the outpatient clinic on Thursday and there was a little good news. The results from the second kidney function test where much better than those from the previous one, so that is no longer a concern. If it hadn’t improved they would not have been able to do the stem cell transplant which I assume would mean they would have to reduce the strength of the chemo. That wouldn’t have been very good.

The fungal infection on my skin has also cleared up. Once I stared taking the medication to treat it, the infection started to clear up within 24 hours and rapidly improved from then on. That’s another issues out of the way that would have prevented the chemo going ahead.

However, there has been very little improvement with my liver function. There was a very small improvement with the level of bilirubin, but it still remains very high and at the moment it may not cope with the high strength chemo which could lead to liver failure or other complications. So for that reason chemo was delayed again to allow the liver more time to recover. Although, they did not have any room for me to have it this week anyway. They can only do so many stem-cell transplants at any one time and are at maximum capacity.

I was also back in the ward on Friday evening receiving yet another magnesium infusion. That’s twice in the space of a week. Not sure why my magnesium is so low and not improving, I should probably ask next time I see a doctor.

So we are now looking at hopefully starting chemo on the week of 3rd October. I really hope I’m in a position to have it then as I am now starting to worry about the increasing gap between the two treatments and the possibility of the lymphoma starting to grow again, and also delays with this chemo means delays to when they can start to look at the tumour in my kidney. All very worrying at the moment…


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