Finally, some progress

I was up at the outpatient clinic on Thursday, so I suppose I should let you all know what happened. It was pretty good news all things considered. All the problems I had are back to normal, well my definition of normal at least. Except for my liver. Bilirubin is quite high, but it’s stable, which is apparently good enough to go ahead with the chemo with some adjustments to the various drugs, and have the stem cell transplant.

I go into the hospital on Tuesday for a final check over and to have some blood taken. If everything is still OK the chemo will go ahead on Wednesday. Although knowing me I’ll manage to pick up a cold over the weekend or something that would throw a right spanner in the works…

As I’ve said before, this treatment is the strongest one I’ve had yet, so not sure what to expect, and I get the idea that the consultant isn’t sure either. Just need to see how it goes. The chemo will last six days, and once it’s finished I go into isolation for around two weeks. I get a day off between finishing the treatment before I’m given the stem cells. I’m expecting to be in hospital for five weeks or there about in total, but it completely depends on how my recovery goes.

Not too long ago I thought getting the final treatment out of the way and hopefully getting good results was all that I had to worry about. But once this is all over there is still the small issue of a tumour in my kidney to look forward to… I’ve said it many times before, but when will I catch a break.


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