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Day 60 – The waiting is over

Well, finally I’m back in hospital for the big one. I will be starting the most aggressive chemotherapy I’ve had yet tomorrow, and it will last for six days. I’m not really nervous about getting the treatment, but it feels a little weird that this is the last one. It feels a bit like my final stand against the Lymphoma, if this final regime of three R-DHAP cycles and the coming BEAM treatment hasn’t worked, I’m in a lot of trouble. So fingers and toes crossed folks. Send me all your positive vibes.

I’m in one of the pressurised isolation rooms now, although I don’t actually go into isolation until the chemo has finished and I receive the Stem-cell transplant. As with all other single rooms I get a fridge which is great, no warm water/juice or melting food. Even better, the heating in the room is independent from the rest of the ward, so I can get a comfortable temperature in here instead of suffering the heat of a normal room. But, for reasons beyond me, some chump decided it would be a good idea to put the light switches OUTSIDE the room. So when I’m in isolation I have to buzz the nurses every time I want the light on/off. Genius decision by someone…

However, one minor issue is that the TV only has about five random channels. All I get, off the top of my head, is STV +1, Channel 4 +1, Five and More 4, there might be a couple more I can’t think of right now. What I don’t understand is, surely all the TV’s use the same feed, and the rest of the TV’s in the ward get the majority of Freeview channels. It’s not a huge problem but I will miss some of the motorsport over the weekend which doesn’t sit well with me. I’ve tried to rescan for channels but can’t find an option for that so far in the menu. Some functionality might be removed from the TV, really not sure. I may have a moan about it should I get bored enough to want it. Luckily I put several films on the laptop before coming in.


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