Day 70 – A very brief update

Just finished stem cell transplant today, very tiring so don’t have the energy to write about it unfortunately.  I will hopefully feel better in the next day or two so will start updating the blog more regularly and I will let you know how the stem cell transplant went.
Finally, a quick note for anyone who uses Facebook to follow the blog:

In the next few days I’m going to permanently delete my own Facebook account. Not just deactivate it, but have everything deleted for good. And I’m 99% sure this will also remove the Facebook page I setup for the hospital blog as well.

So! For anyone that use Facebook to follow and keep up to date with my hospital blog, there are several different ways you can still easily do so.

If you use Google+ –
If you use Twitter –!/hospitalmusings
If you use RSS Feeds –

Or you can subscribe via email under ‘Email Subscription’ on right of main page –

And finally, you can just check the main page regularly where any updates will be listed first –

Hope most of you keep reading the blog. Cheers!


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