Day 73 – Something actually worth reading

So here I am with up an update of sorts. I know my blog is probably full of spelling and grammatical errors but you will probably need to cut me even more slack with this post.

Things have not been going well since the chemo, and the cause  of it is with the chemo rather than the stem cells as I originally thought.

It turns out that the fatigue with this, the pain, stomach pain and sore mouth is all side effects of the high dose chemotherapy.  This has caused my liver function to be more abnormal and has also caused swelling and inflammation in my small intestine and bowels, making it a little more difficult to eat and drink.  As a result of this in order to give my insides a break, of sorts, and allow them to heal a little, I am going to be at least partially fed intravenously through my line starting from tomorrow.

This recent dose of BEAM chemo has been really hard going and it has been a bit of a shock as I coped with the previous different chemo treatments very well with little effect.  However, to put a positive spin on things at least I have received the chemo and stem cells and things, so should start to improve in the not so distance future. That’s what I keep telling myself anyway.


4 responses to “Day 73 – Something actually worth reading

  • Duncan and Shirley

    Great to hear you are at this point at last.Always thought Face book was grap( trying to look cool here).
    Massive heavy shower of hailstones just now, roll on xmas!!!

  • Stu

    The last things anyone’s worried about are your spelling and grammar! At least until you’re better that is, at which point you will be mocked mercilessly for both 😉

    Good to see you can still squeeze the word ‘positive’ in there, even when you’re feeling like %*&$!

  • duncan and shirley

    good to hear you are at this stage at last.Never thought face book was much good ( trying to sound cool ).
    Just had a massive shower of hailstones !! roll on xmas!!!

  • LJ

    Bye Foo. Very sorry to hear you didn’t make it any further through the game. This last boss was impossibly hard. All the best to those you left behind in this difficult time.

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