First day of week ‘off’ at home

Being at home is a tiring business. We didn’t really do much today, went to the supermarket in the morning to get some food as the cupboards and fridge were a little on the bare side. Also, my Mum and Dad came to visit us in the afternoon, which was very much appreciated.
This is probably going to be a little hard to believe for those that don’t know, but three or so months after I was diagnosed with Lymphoma, my Dad was diagnosed with cancer when a tumor was found in his throat. There were a few months where both Dad and myself were undergoing treatment, although in addition to chemo he also received radiotherapy. He has now completed his current regime of treatment which will hopefully have been enough to shrink the tumor, but it will be several weeks before we find out how well it worked.
He has unfortunately been quite unlucky with some of the treatment in that he suffered pretty bad side effects from the chemo, and due to the nature of the radiotherapy treatment, is currently suffering some side effects that cause him a lot of pain and discomfort. For him to make the effort to come through and see us (they live about 70 miles away) was pretty awesome. Thanks very much Ma and Pa.

That has been the extent of my activities today, yet by late afternoon I could hardly keep my eyes open and feel asleep for a while on the couch. By this time of night, which is 10.30pm at time of writing, I feel totally drained of energy. I will have to try and get out and about over the next week, maybe go for some walks or something to try and regain at least a little of the energy and strength I’ve lost over the past couple of years since I got ill. A few days getting some very light exercise will probably make bugger all difference, but if nothing else it will at least make me feel a little better about it which is good for my mental state.


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